Dr. Siva Bandi


Dr. Siva Bandi

Postdoctoral Researcher since May 2018

Téléphone : +41 32 718 24 66




Bandi Siva (born in 1985) received a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry (2007) from Kakatiya University in India. Later he joined at GVK Bioscience pvt Ltd, India, as senior chemist in the medicinal chemistry division for drug development. In 2010 he succeeded in/won the the National eligibility test of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India and joined the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology for his PhD research  in Natural Product Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. K. Suresh Babu. His Ph.D. thesis (2010) entitled “Phytochemical and Synthetic studies on limonoids from Indian Medicinal plant Cipadessa baccifera”. During his doctoral research, he performed bioassay guided fractionation and isolation of new bioactive compounds from Indian medicinal plants by using modern spectroscopic methods (1D & 2D NMR, LC-MS etc.). He also performed a 3 months internship on the phytochemistry of lichens at the University of Rennes, France. Later he joined in the project for phytochemical analysis in the development of ethnomedicine in IICT, Hyderabad. In April 2017, he was selected for the prestigious CSIR- Research Associate (Post Doc) from CSIR, India. During this period, he was involved in the isolation, development of fingerprint analysis and metabolic profiles of active extracts from lichens using HPTLC, UPLC-MS and UPLC-qToF MS/MS.

In May 2018, he joined the laboratory for bioanalytical chemistry at UniNE as a Postdoctoral researcher. His major research interests include natural product research in human health care, chemical ecology, and the development of new techniques for the identification of new compounds by spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis.

Project: Comparative analysis of secondary metabolism in Caenorhabditis nematodes



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