OASI/DI contributions


Swiss and foreign students domiciled in Switzerland must pay an annual contribution of CHF 482.00 (the minimum contribution) to Old-Age and Survivor’s Insurance (OASI) and Disabilty Insurance (DI) from the first January 1 following their twentieth birthday.

The payment must be made to the OASI/DI compensation office of the canton in which the head office of their educational institution is found.

From the first January 1 following their twenty-fifth birthday, students who are not engaged in any remunerated activity no longer have to make the minimal contribution, and must instead make contributions established according to their social situation.

If you are studying and undertaking remunerated activity, you must pay contributions from the first January 1 following your seventeenth birthday.

You do not have to pay OASI/DI contributions if:

  • you can provide an attestation from your employer or an OASI/DI compensation office indicating that, in the year in question, you have already made contributions totalling at least CHF 482.00 on revenue from remunerated activity or allocations for loss of income;
  • you are only staying in Switzerland to study and are not domiciled in the country;
  • or your spouse is signed up for Swiss OASI/DI and has paid at least double the minimum contributions (i.e. CHF 964.00) on revenue from remunerated activity in the sense of the OASI legislation.

Useful information

OASI/DI contributions for students