Bachelor internship report


Doing an internship means acquiring additional skills to your theoretical and methodological knowledge and taking a first step into the world of work. It is recommended, whatever your academic background, to do an internship in order to enhance your training.

Internship characteristics

The Faculty and the institutes regularly receive internship offers. These are sent by e-mail to the concerned students (second and third year of the Bachelor's programme, internship credits being validated within the elective module of the third year of the Bachelor's programme) and/or posted in the Faculty's window in the Main Building.

However, it is up to each student to approach potential employers. The placement must be in line with the theory acquired and the position offered by the company.

  • The internship can be done in 4 weeks full-time (40h / 42h per week) worth 6 ECTS, or in 8 weeks full-time (40h / 42h per week) worth 12 ECTS.
  • The internship which lasts 8 weeks can be divided in two internships of 4 weeks, however, they must be done in the same company.
  • The internship is done under the supervision of a tutor in the company and a FSE professor.



  1. Read the Instructions pour le rapport de stage.
  2. Find an internship.
  3. Contact a professor to agree on the research thematic and the content of the report.
  4. Fill in the Internship/Research application form and give it to the student advisor (at the latest two weeks before the beginning of the internship).
  5. Have the Internship and confidentiality agreement signed by the company, yourself and the supervising professor and give it to the student advisor (at the latest on the first day of the start of the internship).
  6. Once the internship is finished, ask the company to fill in the Internship certificate and give it to the student advisor (at the latest two weeks after the end of the internship).
  7. Register in IS-Academia, tab "Cours" (Mémoire) for the session in which you wish to have your credits validated.
  8. Hand in one copy of the internship report, using the Cover page, as well as the Pledge of honour to the supervising professor within a deadline set by her/him.

Supervising professor

  1. Complete the Formulaire de validation et évaluation and send the original to the student and a copy to the secretariat of the Faculty.

Company tutor

  1. Complete the Evaluation du stage and send it to the supervising professor.

Preventing plagiarism

Read more (Plagier, c'est voler - Guide à l'attention des étudiant-e-s (in French), règlement (in French), plegde of honour,