Student associations


Being a member of an association, you:

  • Encourage the people who sponsor the projects and activities of the Faculty (Faculty specific projects, lectures, events…)
  • Strengthen the influence of the programmes.
  • Exchange between graduates.
  • Encourage students to commit themselves to the activities of the Faculty.

Associations of the Faculty of Economics and Business

Jeune Consulting




Société Neuchâteloise des Sciences Economiques (SNSE)


University of Neuchâtel Finance Association (UNFA)

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General meeting



1 June 2023

  • 17h30, C46 (Aula)
  • Av. du 1er-Mars 26

Etienne Maillefer, Head of Department and Project Manager at the Economic Development Department of the Canton of Berne "Coup de projecteur sur les activités de la promotion économique du canton de Berne". More