The Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Science of the University of Neuchâtel – the crossroads of scientific knowledge

Our Faculty is a institution with an international reputation, recognised for its excellence. It offers its 800 students a range of basic scientific programmes in biology, mathematics and computer science, and unique leading-edge programmes such as the Bachelor in Biology and Ethnology or the Masters in BiogeosciencesHydrogeology and Geothermics, as well as numerous continuing education programmes. Students also have the possibility of following the first years of medicine and pharmaceutical science. They are provided with the competences of the professors and teachers as well as with the supervision of the teaching assistants.

Well integrated in the local economic base, the Faculty of Science is host to leading research laboratories in areas as diverse as atomic clocks, plant survival or geothermy. The Faculty trains numerous Ph.D. students amongst its research teams. Its implication in numerous national and international projects contributes to its excellent visibility beyond our frontiers.

Students who come from Neuchâtel, from Switzerland or from foreign countries benefit from a privileged working environment on a unique site where they can acquire a scientific culture in close cooperation with the research. The close contact between students and researchers and the interdisciplinary relations that grow in the Faculty are one of its principal strengths.