Ludovic Schorpp

Domaines d'intéret

Modélisation hydrogéologique, machine learning

I started my academic career at the University of Lausanne with a Bachelor's degree in geology and quickly moved on to digital modelling. My Bachelor's work, supervised by Prof. Frédéric Herman, was aimed at simulating the extent of Japanese glaciers during the last glacial maximum using the finite difference method.

I then followed this up with a Master's degree in Hydrogeology and Geothermy at the Unine. I had the opportunity to greatly increase my skills in numerical modelling thanks to my Master's work. It focused on the hydrogeological modelling of a porous aquifer in the south of France (Roussillon) with MODFLOW in Python interface (FloPy). I was also able to learn the workings of one of the most widely used calibration software, PEST. I was able to devote myself fully to modelling and develop certain programming skills (Python, Matlab and C++). My areas of interest lie between numerical modelling of all types and data processing (data analysis, machine learning and deep learning), often in the field of hydrogeology. Geostatistics is also a field that I have recently become interested in and to which I would like to devote more time.

Recently, I started my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Philippe Renard, within the framework of the PHENIX project which aims at characterising the aquifer of the Aare plain, a project in which I will partly participate in various domains (geological modelling, hydrogeological modelling, joint inversion, ...).


  • 2015 - 2018 : Bachelor en Géosciences, mention Géologie, Université de Lausanne
  • 2018 - 2020 : Master en Hydrogéologie et Géothermie, University of Neuchâtel
  • 2021 -         : PhD position, University of Neuchâtel


mobile : +41774804762


Centre d'hydrogéologie
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Office : E320