year 2011 open to all interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology knowledge and technology transfer

Methods for the statistical analysis of siring success and relatedness in plants and animals. University of Neuchâtel

10-11.03 2011   Immunoxidative ecology: progress and prospects. University of Neuchâtel  

scanning electronic microscopy (SEM)
University of Neuchâtel

17.05.2011   annual PhD students conference  

Plant light responses
University of Neuchâtel

21-24.06.2011   SPSW Summer school: "Terrestrial ecosystem dynamics in a changing world". Mürren (BE)  
04-08.09.2011 PR-Proteins and Induced Resistance Against Pathogens and Insects - Joint International Workshop. University of Neuchâtel    
September 2011   above- and below-ground biodiversity and functional linkages  
15&29.09; 06&20.10; 03.11.2011 (5 days)   applied statistical regression modelling for biologists using R  

Effective public speaking
University of Neuchâtel



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