Thanh Tung Nguyen


Assistant-doctorant (Vietnam), born in 1984.

Functionalization of gold nanoparticles by liquid crystal

e-mail : thanh.nguyen@unine.ch       

Tel. Prof : ++ 41 32 718 24 70


2011     MSc. " Optic and Nanotechnology ",   University of Technology of Troyes, France      

2006     BSc.   "Chemistry"  University of Science of Hanoi, Vietnam


2012            PhD, Laboratory of Macromolecular Chemistry, Prof. Robert Deschenaux.

2011-2012  Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures, EMPA, Switzerland.  Extremely thin absorber solar cells based on electrodeposited nanostructure,   Dr. Jamil Elias and Dr. Laetitia Philippe.

2010-2011  Laboratory of Nanotechnology and Optical Instrumentation, UTT, France.  Synthesis and characterization of ZnO nanocrystal structure and their optical properties,  Prof. Gilles Lerondel and Dr. Chen Chun Lin

2005-  2008  Department of Chemistry, University of Science of Hanoi, Vietnam. Synthesis of materials based on silicate for treating ion arsenic in ground water,   Prof. Thi My Linh Tran.  Absorbance of heavy metals by natural and modified zeolite  Prof. Luan Pham.