Mission and values


The Institute of Management aims to enrich the knowledge and skills of individuals and organizations in the field of management with a view to contributing to the responsible development of society.

The Institute of Management is committed to offering teaching, research and service activities that stand out for their quality and relevance, in a process of continuous improvement. ​Recognizing the diversity of organizations, the Institute's activities integrate the economic, managerial, environmental and social realities of the private, public, mixed and third-sector sectors.

Through its teaching, the Institute develops, among students, knowledge and managerial skills in line with the citizen responsibilities and the future of work. It offers a transversal education that combines scientific, professional and societal perspectives. Its training offer is intended for a wide range of individuals of various profiles and includes both courses of university and continuing education.

Through its research, the Institute contributes to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge related to the field of management in fields of knowledge relevant to business and society, including: internationalization of companies, social marketing, ethical consumption, human resources, strategic management and innovation management. Eager to remain at the forefront of knowledge, it promotes the national and international mobility of its members and collaborates with other research institutions in Switzerland and internationally.

Through its services, the Institute responds to the needs of actors in the economic and social community at the regional and international levels. It builds bridges between the scientific and professional world through dialogue, the development of partnerships with various types of organizations, the transfer of knowledge and the democratization of knowledge.



We foster the development of trusting relationships characterized by integrity, respect, openness, inclusiveness, transparency and sharing within the academic community and with its stakeholders.

Personal development

We promote lifelong learning by developing personal and social skills including: self-management, collaborative work, critical thinking, empathy, creativity, multidisciplinarity, complex problem solving, learning ability and effective communication.

Diversity and pluralism

Through our teachings and research, we are committed to promoting diversity and pluralism within the academic community and society.

Creative and corporate spirit

We encourage our members and students to be creative and proactive in building relevant, quality personal, professional and associative projects.

Responsible management

We integrate in our activities the values ​​of sustainable development and social responsibility in order to contribute to an economy respectful of humanity and the environment.