The Institute of Health Law (IDS), founded in 1993 by Prof. Olivier Guillod and Prof. Dominique Sprumont, is a University Institute affiliated with the Faculty of Law of the University of Neuchâtel. Unique within Switzerland, the IDS is recognised as one of the University of Neuchâtel’s Centres of Excellence.

The Institut de droit de la santé (IDS) was officially created on 17 August 1994 by decree of the Conseil d'Etat.

The IDS aims to develop and disseminate teaching, research and academic exchanges relating to Health Law. It regularly organises conferences and seminars on issues within the law, biomedical sciences and ethics. It operates in a multidisciplinary manner, and encourages a comparative approach to the law.

The Institute regularly publishes books and its own review in the field of Health Law.

A brief history of the Institute of Health Law (in French).

  • FemTech is on the rise. Dylan Hofmann, an SNSF doctoral student in health law, looks at the processing of personal data. law, questions the treatment of the intimate data collected data. He discussed this on 9 February at the conference "In-corpore: What the law does to our bodies" at the University of Neuchâtel. Read more
  • Presentation of a report to the European Parliament's research department on "The Right to Health" written by Profs. Anne-Sylvie DUPONT, Sabrina BURGAT, Sandra HOTZ, Mélanie LÉVY
  • Professor Olivier Guillod is the winner of the Walther Hug Prize 2022 for his contribution to the development of health law in Switzerland. More information here
  • Publication of an article in the January Jusletter by Mélanie Lévy and Aude Guillot. "Healthy urban planning" and administrative law. Using geomedical data and spatial planning tools to promote healthy urban planning. Article to download here
  • In 2023, a new CAS will start within the framework of our MAS in Health Law. This CAS 1 will focus on Patients' rights and public health. Programme and course dates (January to November 2023) are available HERE
  • MAS in Health Law: You don't have the possibility to follow the full course? Our solution: we offer you the opportunity to follow short courses of 1, 2 or 3 days!
  • Forensic epidemiology, results of the pilot project
  • The website of the project on the legal recognition of family caregivers in Franco-Swiss comparative law (PROXIJURIS) is available online here




Further training in health law


In 2023, a new CAS will start as part of our MAS in Health Law. This CAS 1 will focus on Patients' rights and public health.


Courses program (January to Nobvember 2023) are available HERE

Training offer for doctors

In collaboration with the Neuchâtel Society of Medicine


17 and 18 March 2023

Course content and further information

Registrations accepted until 17 February 2023 by email to messagerie.ids@unine.ch


International Bilingual Master of Comparative Health Law (with Paris V and King's College London)

Video presentation of the course here

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