European Union (EU)

  • MacQsimal, Miniature Atomic vapor-Cells Quantum devices for SensIng and Metrology AppLications (2018-2021), in partnership with 14 institutions from 7 different countries and coordinated by CSEM.
  • LAMA, Laser diode characterization for atomic clocks (2014-2018), in partnership with Oscilloquartz, III-V lab and Thales Electon Devices
  • Mclocks : High-performance microwave clocks for industrial applications (2013-2016), in partnership with Spectratime and several other European companies and metrological institutes (MUQUANS, SYRTE, FEMTO-ST, INRIM, TUBITAK)
  • Miniature Atomic Clock, Time and Frequency Control for telecommunication (2008-2011), in partnership with 9 other Swiss and European partners including University of Franche-Comté, the EPFL and the Swatch Group.