European Space Agency (ESA)

  • Laser pumped Rubidium clock, gas cell laser clock technologies (2005-xxxx).
  • mUSO for secure communications (2007-xxxx), in partnership with three groups of IMT-UNINE and Spectratime company.
  • Next generation compact atomic clock (2008-xxxx), in partnership with INRIM (Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca In Metrologia, Torino), and Galileo Avionica et Spectratime companies.
  • ESA fellowship NPI partnership, Advanced Vapour Cells for Future Atomic Clock (2009-2012).
  • Laser diode technology development at 779 and 894 nm (2006-2008). Projet GSTP-4 in partnership with Compound Semiconductor Technologies (CST, Glasgow) compagny.
  • Laser pumped gas-cell atomic frequency standard (2001-2004), in partnership with Temex Neuchâtel Time (Ultra stable optical clock, ARTES-5) compagny.
  • Frequency stabilisation scheme: high stability seeder oscillator for WALES – Water vapour Lidar in Space (2003-2006), in partnership with the Nanophotonique et Métrologie (NAM) laboratory from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
  • Optical Frequency Synthesizer for Space-Borne Optical Frequency Metrology (2006-2007), program GSP (General Study Program, project n. 19595/06/NL/PM). In partnership with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL – UK), Menlo System (D), University of Düsseldorf, Kayser-Threde (D).