Academic titles   : Engineer Physicist EPFL, Doctor of Science (Physics), University of Neuchâtel

Date of birth : August 1, 1968

Marital status : married, three children

Professional life :

Since April 1, 1991 Scientific collaborator at the Observatoire Cantonal of Neuchâtel (ON)

  • 1991-1993 Research on lamp-pumped industrial and space Rubidium clocks
  • 1993-1995 Research on laser-pumped Rubidium clocks
  • 1995-1997 Post-doc at NIST (Boulder, USA) on laser-pumped gas-cell atomic clocks
  • 1997-1999 Research on stabilised lasers for airborne and spaceborne Lidars
  • 1999-2001 Research on laser cooling of neutral atoms and primary Caesium
    frequency standards (Swiss continuous atomic fountain for METAS)
  • 2001-2006 Group leader at the Observatoire Cantonal (Rb clocks and stabilised lasers)

Since January 1, 2007 University of Neuchâtel (Microtechnic Institute, then Physics Institute)

  • Cofounder and deputy director of the Time and Frequency Laboratory (LTF) in the Institute of Physics of the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • Leads a research group of about 10 people
  • Teaching
  • Scientific research
  • Scientific mediation

Representative memberships :

  1. Swiss Physical Society (SPS)
  2. Association Suisse pour la Recherche Horlogère (ASRH)
  3. Representative UniNe at MICRO committee
  4. Representative UniNe at Swiss Space Center
  5. Member of Scientific and Executive committees of l'EFTF (European Frequency and Time Forum) and of l'EFTS (European Frequency and Time Symposium)
  6. Member of the Jury of the Institute's Prize of Neuchâtel
  7. Member of the Jury of the International Chronometry Competition

Other commitments :

- Many international scientific collaborations

- Organizations of scientific mediation activities

Languages : French, Italian, German and English

Particular interests : Literature, tennis, football and rowing

CV Scientifique (en anglais)