Nicolas Marguier

Research interest

I am studying the impact of squash domestication on the third trophic level. Usually, artificial selection of cultivated plants provokes a reduction in toxicity in plant tissues compared to wild ancestors. In many cases of squash varieties, this domestication induces  a reduction in cucurbitacin amount. Cucurbitacin is a very bitter compound that is toxic for many organisms such as mammals and insects. Some chrysomelidae like Diabrotica balteata are capable during their larval and adult stages to sequester this cucurbitacin to protect themselves against the third trophic level. I’m currently measuring this domestication impact on Atheta coriaria, a generalist coleopteran predator that is capable to feed on the larval stage of Diabrotica balteata.

Teaching activities

  • TP Ecologie des populations (BSc 2)

Nicolas Marguier

Etudiant en Master



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