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Did you know that Neuchâtel has a longstanding claim to speaking the best French in Switzerland? Its reputation is not for nothing: to this day, many people come to the city to develop their knowledge of French, and to learn it from the best.

Improve your French

Besides academic courses in French as a foreign language (certificate, diploma, Bachelor specialisation in French as a foreign language, and Master specialisation in the teaching of French as a foreign language), the Institute of French Language and Civilisation (ILCF) offers:

  • Français midi
    Support courses, free for non-francophone students from all faculties, from level A1 to level C1.
  • Summer courses
    Organised by the Institute of French Language and Civilisation (ILCF), these courses take place in the month of July, with two- to four-week modules and a choice of specialisations.

Programmes delivered in English

If you choose a programme taught in English, the Language Centre will support you with specialised English courses throughout the semester (in writing, oral expression and grammar). Intensive courses are also organised, taking place towards the end of the inter-semester period.

Other languages

With a variety of other courses on offer, you can also improve your basic skills in German and Italian – Switzerland’s other national languages – as well as languages such as English or Spanish.

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