Introduction to plant metabolomics

28-29 September 2017

in collaboration with CUSO doctoral program in Sciences pharmaceutiques



  • Professor Jean-Luc Wolfender, Phytochemistry & Bioactive Natural Products  and  Pharmacognosy, Université de Genève
  • Professor Serge Rudaz, Biomedical and metabolomics analysis, Université de Genève
  • Dr Julien Boccard, Biomedical and metabolomics analysis, Université de Genève
  • Dr Gaëtan Glauser, Neuchâtel Platform of Analytical Chemistry, Université de Neuchâtel


This short course intends to provide a general overview of the analytical tools as well as the data mining mandatory in plant metabolomics. Examples of different strategies in modern plant biology will be presented as well as practical aspects in MS and data treatment.


On a first day, the analytical tools, including separative and non separative approaches such as NMR, MS and various mode of chromatography will be presented:

  • 1. Introduction on metabolomics
  • 2. Sample preparation
  • 3. Non-separative analytical methods : spectral and detection techniques, including NMR, IR, MS , MS low high resolution analyser, NMR principle, type of data
  • 4. Separative Techniques : GC, CE and LC including Rapid Analysis in LC
  • 5. Hyphenation to separation techniques (MS)

Day two is dedicated to Knowledge discovery and biomarker ID:

  • 6. Consideration in MS Data Acquisition (Lab visit)
  • 7. Consideration in Data analysis (including PCA demo on Excel)
  • 8. Hyphenation and identification aspect (MS and NMR)
  • 9. General strategy and examples in plant Metabolomics and systems biology

General information

Dates :  28-29 September 2017

Schedule : 8.55 - 17.00

Venue: University of Neuchâtel, Faculté des sciences, UniMail, Emile-Argand 11, building A, room A317 (first day and afternoon of second day. Second day morning: rooms B015 + B316).

ECTS : 1.0 ECTS (Research tools)

Evaluation : Full attendance and active participation

Information : Please contact Prof. Jean-Luc Wolfender or the doctoral program coordinator Dr Sara Santi

Travel expenses :

  • For participants of the Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology: see reimbursement conditions.
  • For participants of the CUSO doctoral program in Sciences pharmaceutiques, see CUSO Sciences pharmaceutiques web site.

MAKE SURE you SIGN the ATTENDANCE LIST EACH and EVERY DAY and TAKE your ATTESTATION of ATTENDANCE at the END of the COURSE  (no attestation will be sent by mail)


  • This course is free and open to all Ph.D. students, however priority is given to "Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology" and "CUSO doctoral program in Sciences pharmaceutiques" participants until 30 June 2017.
  • Post-docs are welcome depending on availability.
  • Basic knowledge in chromatography, spectroscopic methods and statistics would be preferable.

Minimum number of participants: 15, maximum: 24.

Registration through the web only: closed. The course is full.

Deadline: 10 September 2017

Please note the cancellation policy (CHF 30) if you cancel your registration after 10 September