Population genetic data analysis - Module 2 - Swiss institute in statistical genetics

1 - 3 September 2014 (2,5 days)

Venue: University of Lausanne

Course in collaboration with CUSO Doctoral Program in Ecology & Evolution


Prof. Jérôme Goudet , University of Lausanne

Prof. Bruce Weir, University of Washington, USA

Objectives and Content

This module serves as a foundation for many of the later modules.

Estimates and sample variances of allele frequencies, Hardy-Weinberg and linkage disequilibrium, characterization of population structure with F-statistics.

Relationship estimation.

Statistical genetic aspects of forensic science and association mapping.

Concepts illustrated with R exercises.

Background reading :

Holsinger, K. and Weir, B.S. 2009. Genetics in geographically structured populations: defining, estimating, and interpreting Fst . Nature Reviews Genetics 10:639–650.

Weir, B.S. and Laurie, C.C. 2011. Statistical genetics in the genome era. Genetics Research 92:461–470. 

General information

Date:   1-3 September 2014

Schedule: see course web site

Location: University of Lausanne, Biophore, Amphitheater

ECTS: 1.5 credit point (Research tools)

Evaluation: Full attendance and active participation

Information: Please contact  the CUSO doctoral program coordinator Caroline Betto-Colliard

  • Please bring your laptop to the course!

Registration fee : Free for participants belonging to a CUSO University (UniBE, UniFR, UniGE, UniL & UniNE)

Meals : The DP-biol doctoral program in Organismal biology does not reimburse meals

Travel expenses: For participants of the DP-biol doctoral program in Organismal biology, the train (2nd class, half-ticket) from home University to University of  Lausanne (with city ticket) will be reimbursed (see also more information )


Priority is given to PhD students of the DPEE and the DP-biol until 15 April 2014. After this deadline, first-come, first-served!

Maximum number of participants: 60

!PREREQUISITE!  Have attended the course "An Introduction to R" or a similar course.

Online registration on the CUSO doctoral program Ecology and Evolution web site:  closed

Deadline: 22 August 2014