Workshop on cooperation and cognition - a joint activity with SNF ProDoc

2 -3 June 2014

A joint activity with SNF ProDoc program on "Proximate and ultimate causes of cooperation"

Organizers: Redouan Bshary and Klaus Zuberbühler (University of Neuchâtel)



Prof. Sarah Brosnan, Georgia state University, Atlanta, USA: "The influence of cognition and ecology on primate decision-making"

Prof. Peter Hammerstein , Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany: title t.b.a.

Dr Katie McAuliffe , Yale University, USA: "Children pay to enforce fairness norms"

Dr Alicia Melis ,  Warwick Business School, UK: "Collaboration and Helping in Chimpanzees"

Prof. Arnon Lotem , Tel-Aviv University, Israel: "Evolution of learning and levels of selection"

Prof. Rui Oliveira , Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada (ISPA) Lisbon, Portugal: "Neurogenomics of social interactions: a systems approach to social behaviour"

Prof. Markus Wild , Universität Basel, Switzerland: “Explaining action: cooperation and cognition. An essay in conceptual clarification”

Objectives and content

To bring together experts working in various disciplines (developmental and experimental psychology, economics, physiology, philosophy and evolutionary biology) to discuss the links between cooperation and cognition.

The invited experts will give 45 min presentations followed by 45 min discussions lead by participants.

We encourage all participants to choose one talk for proper preparation (reading the pdfs in detail, thinking about general questions around the topic).Documentation will be sent to all registered participants.

For PhD students who wish to obtain ECTS for the workshop, choosing a talk and leading the following discussion is mandatory!

Program updated 26.5.2014)

General information

Dates : 2 - 3 June 214

Schedule : 8.55 - 17.00

Location : University of Neuchâtel, Faculté des sciences, UniMail, building B , room B103

ECTS : 1.0 ECTS (Scientific activities)

Evaluation : Full attendance and active participation as mentionned

Information : Please contact the doctoral program coordinator Dr Christiane Bobillier

Travel expenses :

For members of the ProDoc program Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Cooperation, see web site

For members of the Doctoral program in Organismal Biology, see reimbursement conditions.

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  • This course is free and open to all PhD students. Post-docs are welcome as long as places are available
  • Maximum number of participants: 30

Registration through the web only: closed. Course full.

Please note the cancellation policy (CHF 20).

Deadline: 22 May 2014