Annual PhD meeting 2022: "Science and Society"


Prof. Alexandre Aebi, UniNE

15 & 16 September 2022

Organisation team: Sandra Le Bissonnais, Danaé Bregnard, Matteo Buffi, and Marine Mamin (University of Neuchâtel)


Thursday 15th September 2022

8:30 - 9:00









Salle C47 (1rst floor)

Main University Building

 Avenue du 1er Mars, 26

9:00 - 9:20

Welcome and Presentation of the Doctoral School (Prof. Sergio Rasmann & Dr. Emilie Genty)


9:20 - 9:50

Presentation of University Services:

  • Conflict Prevention and Management, (Laurence Schneider)
  • Social Office (Géraldine Renggli)
  • Bureau Egalité et Diversité (Morgane Wüthrich)


9:50 -10:00


Presentation of:

  • Acine (Dimitri Orine)
  • Doctoral School seminars (Thai Bui and Gent Ballabani, seminars organization committee)

10:00 -10:30


Flash Talks for Posters

  • Camilo Rivera
  •  Hanna Glad
  • Sami Zhioua
  •  Jaspher Ewany
  • Ségolène Bressoud
  • Théo Steiner
  •  Cécilia Panzetti
  • G. Hossein Jowkar
  • Nina Häner



Coffee break + Poster session 1

(Camilo Rivera, Nina Häner, Sami Zhioua, Jaspher Ewany)


Main University Building

avenue du 1er Mars, 26



Talks 1 &2

  • Khadidiatou Cissé (online)
  • lara Nellissen



12 :00-13 :45

Lunch Break

Microcity Cafeteria

14 :00-14 :45

Talk 3&4

  • Dimitri Orine
  • Elzaveta Ermolaeva


Salle C47 (1rst floor)


14 :45-15 :30

Coffee break+ poster session 2

 (Ségolène Bressoud, Théo Steiner, Cécilia Panzetti, G. Hossein Jowkar)



15 :30-16 :00

Video session

  • Lara Narbonna
  • Caroline Fryns
  • Josephien Tankink & Maria Granell Ruiz
  • Letizia Pessina


Salle C47 (1rst floor)


16 :00-16 :45

Science speed-dating


16 :45-17 :30

Concluding remarks and Prices


17:30 onwards

Group picture and apéro



Friday 16th September 2022

08 :30-09 :00




09 :00-09 :10

Welcome and information session (organizing committee)



Salle C47 (1rst floor)


09 :10-09 :55

Presentation by Prof. Alain Kaufmann, Le ColLaboratoire, UNIL

09 :55 :10 :40

Presentation by Prof. Alexandre Aebi, UniNE


10 :40-11 :10

Coffee Break


Ground floor

11 :10-12 :00

Workshop round Table

“Civic engagement of scientists in society”


Salle C47 (1rst floor)


12 :00-12 :30

Round Table Restitution


12:30-14 :00

Lunch Break


Microcity Cafeteria

14 :30-16 :30

Extra muros Activity at the Natural History Museum of Neuchâtel.

Popularizatiion of Science


Natural History Museum

Rue des Terreaux 14

16 :00-16 :15

Concluding remarks and goodbye


Natural History Museum

Rue des Terreaux 14


Description & Theme : Science and Society




  • Students socialization and getting to know about the wide variety of research projects being carried out in our doctoral program
  • Discuss and share about the PhD experience in a friendly and safe environment.

General information

Date : 15 & 16 September 2022


Venue: University of Neuchâtel Main Building, Avenue du 1er Mars, 26, Lake side


- 0.5 for poster or video,  1.0 for oral presentation (Scientific activities) - Only if it is your first time presenting a poster, or presenting a talk, at this event.

- 1.0 ECTS for organizing the Annual Meeting (Communication activities)

- no ECTS for attendance only


Information : Please contact the organizers or the doctoral program coordinator

Registration fee : Free for PhD students members of the Interuniversity doctoral program in Organismal biology, lunch and coffee breaks are offered; CHF 15 for other participants (including lunch and coffee break).

Travel expenses : For participants of the Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology (DP-biol ): see reimbursement conditions

Make sure you sign the presence list upon arrival!


  • The annual meeting is highly recommended to all the participants of the doctoral program (it is free!)
  • For organizational matters, online registration is mandatory.
  • It is open to external participants (registration fee CHF 15 to be paid at the registration desk - including lunch and coffee break). Priority is given to members of our doctoral program until xx.

Registration: here 

Dealine : 19 august 2022

Cancellation deadline: cancellation policy (CHF 50) if you cancel your registration after 19 August 2022.

The annual meeting at a glance:

All first year PhD students (or first time participants) are required to present their PhD research project in the form of a poster+ 1min flash talk (1 slide), or a short video if on field work.

If you are away on field work at these dates, we offer you alternative options so that you can still participate remotely:
  • Present your poster (and flash talk) online 

  • Present a 15 min talk online (if you haven't had the opportunity to present at the annual meeting yet and are more advanced in your PhD)

  • Create a short (3min) video about your field research work, or more specifically about something related to this year's topic (Science and Society), for instance how you collaborate with the local population at your field site, how you communicate about your research to the local population and authorities, what kind of struggles you face in the reality of the field.

Abstract submission (max 250 words) is mandatory if you are presenting a poster, a talk or a video. Only 5 15min-talks will be selected with a priority given to those who are in the field or not first-timers.
The poster presentation (or short video) will count for 0.5 ECTS (category Scientific tools), a 15 min presentation will count for 1 ECTS (category Scientific tools).

Please come with your slide ready (PDF format) on a USB flash drive to the registration desk, we will collect all the slides.


All members of the doctoral program, alumni and post-docs of the University of Neuchâtel are welcome to join this event. Registration is mandatory.


Please register here 

Deadline for registration: 19 august 2022