Kristine Roche

Research interests

I am a master’s student, and I am currently preparing for my master’s project. The specializations I took during my Master’s are “Animal Behaviour” and “Conservation Biology”. I want to link these two fields during my Master’s project.

I will collect data in Budongo Conservation Field Station in Uganda on the interactions of injured chimpanzees with healthy chimpanzees. It is possible to collect thermal data when chimpanzees are interacting. Their hands, feet, and faces change in temperature depending on whether the interaction is positive or negative. Depending on the hierarchy, they have more stress which influences vasodilatation and vasoconstriction. This change in the sanguine circulation results in a change in temperature. I will study this difference in temperature and stress on snared-injured chimpanzees. They may be a difference between injured chimpanzees and healthy chimpanzees.