Open Access/ Data Management   

Please contact Vanessa Wilson (vanessa.wilson@unine.ch) for any queries regarding open access and  data management 



Reimbursement of research expenses (travel, accommodation, consumables, equipment)* 

MSc Biol; PhDs (BSM): lianqiong.ren@unine.ch
PhDs/postdocs (SNF): roberta.ventura@unine.ch
MSc Cog Sci:      rachel.marston@unine.ch
BSc Biol (APP):  lianqiong.ren@unine.ch

* within 3 months of invoice date, within same financial year



Monitoring of research permits, annual reporting, data upload and research output for all UniNE personnel; project invoicing and accounting; liaising with local management, communication of relevant events, management of press requests.

Budongo Conservation Field Station (Uganda): caroline.fryns@unine.ch
Tai Monkey Project (Ivory Coast): auriane.lefloch@unine.ch
Inkawu Vervet Project (South Africa):   erica.vandewaal@unil.ch
Basel Zoo:      sarah.brocard@unine.ch



Webmaster: Updating of personnel and news items, uploading of theses and reports, administration of audio-visual materials. Social media manager: posting of new research, local and international events, conference presentations of lab members. Office manager: Allocation of office space, office keys, IT; BIOL-14 printer. Equipment manager: inventory and maintenance of equipment.

Webmaster:    quentin.gallot@unine.ch
Social media manager:   adrian.soldati@unine.ch
Office manager:    quentin.gallot@unine.ch
Equipment manager:                  klaus.zuberbuehler@unine.ch