Lou Gonnet Dit Revel

Research interests

I am a MSc student supervised by Prof. Klaus Zuberbühler and I am part of the interns at the Wolf Science Center in Austria in order to conduct my MSc project. During my stay, I carry out the Neophilia task. The aim of this experiment is to see how wolves and dogs react to new things and to compare them. This will allow us to understand how the two species have evolved from their common ancestor knowing that they are living in different environments. 
To do so, we have built various objects and paint them in different colors. We are now presenting one known and one unknown object to the animals and observing their choice and their reaction.
Preliminary observations on site already showed different behaviors from the wolves and the dogs during the habituation phase. The 'Eurasian' wolves have a harder time with the objects in general; they need more time to approach them but never dare to touch them. The 'Northwestern' wolves are either interested in the objects (trying to destroy them or urinating on them) or are not even paying attention to them (passing by like it was just a tree).