Chloé Berton

Research interests

As part of my master's project and under the supervision of Sarah Brocard and Klaus Zuberbühler, I am studying how chimpanzees interpret events in collaboration with the Basel Zoo. Indeed, I want to investigate whether chimpanzees also have an agent bias as it has been observed in humans. In parallel, I also want to examine whether the level of cooperation of the action shown to the participants can influence their perception of events. The aim here is to compare the chimpanzees' results with those of humans to better understand the evolution of language and to what extent this bias, which is one of the bases of syntax, is a deeply rooted process. Furthermore, if we find that humans and chimpanzees interpret events in the same way and that the results are influenced by the level of cooperation, this would provide new insight into how chimpanzees interpret the behaviour of others and how language has evolved.