Other research

E-procès civil suisse

Etude sur la dématérialisation de la procédure civile suisse (en cours, projet FNS dans le cadre de Digital Lives), Prof. François Bohnet et Sandra Mariot, collaboratrice scientifique.

International family mediation

Journées scientifiques (academic research days), 1-2 February 2013
CEMAJ research project undertaken with the Catholic University of Leuven (Prof. J. De Munck and Prof. E. Volckrick): active research (using a group analysis method) on the role of mediation in international parental conflicts. This project brings together different actors in the field of cross-border family conflict (parents of children who have been abducted, mediators, judges, staff from the International Social Service, civil service staff) as well as University professors (in sociology, law, and philosophy of law). The research will result in a publication, and may lead to the creation of a thinktank.


International Francophone Mediation Competition (Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris):

2014 (7th edition)

A team made up of Geneviève Robert-Grandpierre and Jonathan Jenny won the final of this prestigious competition. Another team, made up of Romain Tripet, Océane Taillard, Raphaël Hämmerli and Nesrin Keles-Engin made it through to the quarter-finals.
The teams’ success was in no small part down to their coaches, especially Arlene Weingart (head coach) and Anne-Christine Evart Mesot, Cinthia Lévy, Jeremy Lack, Luc Wenger, Raymonde Richter, Adrienne Perramond, Geneviève Nguyen, Valentine Schaffter Leclerc and Guy Bottequin.

2013 (6th edition)

For the first time, a UniNE team took part in the International Francophone Mediation Competition, organised by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Arbitration, from 3-5 April: Angèle Cherbuin, Geneviève Robert-Grandpierre, Jonathan Jenny and Alen Udovcic came fourth out of 39 teams from across the French-speaking world. They were successfully coached by two professional mediators, Arlene Weingart and Luc Meylan.