Ludovic Roussel-Delif



Scientific collaborator and laboratory technician



I am interested in the ecology , diversity and interaction of micro-organisms.

The research I carried out during my PhD focused on a better understanding of function of protozoa in the rhizosphere (the soil under the influence of the root).

Currently, I'm collaborating in two different projects:



2003 - 2008:

PhD in Microbiology
Laboratory of Microbiology, University of Neuchâtel, LAMUN

2001 - 2002:

Equivalent to master's degree in biology, University of Neuchâtel

1999 - 2001:

Equivalent to bachelor's degree in biochemistry, University of Franche-Comté (France)

1997 - 1999:

BTS in biotechnology, Luxeuil les bains, France



Master BGS : TP in Molecular methods
Bachelor : Problem-based learning



Roussel-Delif L, Tarnawski S, Hamelin J, Philippot L, Aragno M and Fromin N. 2005. Frequency and diversity of nitrate reductase genes among nitrate-dissimilating Pseudomonas in the rhizosphere of perennial grasses grown in field conditions. Microbial Ecology 49: 63-72.

Fromin N, Tarnawski S, Roussel-Delif L, Hamelin J, Baggs E.M, Aragno M. 2005. Nitrogen fertiliser rate affects the frequency of nitrate-dissimilating Pseudomonas spp. in the rhizosphere of Lolium perenne grown under elevated pCO2 (Swiss FACE). Soil Biology & Biochemestry 37: 1962-1965.


Dr. Ludovic Roussel-Delif
University of Neuchâtel
Institute of Biology
Laboratory of soil biology
Laboratory of microbiology
Rue Emile-Argand 11
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
Tél:  +4132 718 23 34