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My research interests are in the field of applied microbiology. Studying microbes, not for their harmful effects but for the benefits that can offer in many domains such as food and pharmaceutical industries, bioremediation and also for the protection of cultural heritage is considered as a growing interest for the development of biological technologies that are eco-friendly. That is why, I am particularly interested in the study of the safeguarding abilities that some micro-organisms could have in the conservation-restoration of cultural artworks. My PhD thesis is under MAIA project, aiming to modify existing corrosion products into more stable compounds, while maintaining the surface’s original appearance.


January 2014  PhD in the Laboratory of Microbiology, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
Subject title “Evaluation of biomineralization properties of bacteria for the removal of chloride species and stabilization of iron artefacts”. (Under the supervision of Pr. Pilar JUNIER and Dr. Edith JOSEPH).
2013 Internship in Pasteur institute of Tunisia, focused on molecular biology and especially on Real-Time PCR.
2012 Internship at the Regional laboratory of Public Health, Tunisia. This internship was focused on microbial analysis of food, water and hospital environment.
2010-2011 Master degree in Microbiology-agrobiosciences at INSA institute of Toulouse, France.
Title of the Master thesis: “Purification and biochemical characterization of S.cerevisiae’s Isomaltases " . The master project was done in LISBP laboratory, Insa Toulouse, France.
2010 National diploma of biological Engineering at INSAT institute of Tunis, Tunisia.
2009 Thesis project of the end of my engineering studies in LISBP laboratory, Insa Toulouse, France. Thesis title: “Study of the biochemical and metabolic inhibition mechanisms of the yeast S. cerevisiae growth by the 2- Phényléthanol”.
2004-2009 Engineering studies in biological industries at INSAT institute of Tunis, Tunisia




Wafa Kooli Mahbouda

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