Workshop: "Media Interactivity: economic and managerial issues"

The University of Neuchâtel hosted a two-day workshop (30-31 October 2009) about Madia Interactivity:economic and managerial issues. The event sponsored by the AJM and the Media Management and Transformation Centre of Jönköping International Business School (Jönkköoping University), Sweden.

The collaboration between those two institutions was able to bring to Neuchâtel some of the most prized and influential academic professors and researchers from all arounf the world, giving to the workshop an international character.
Topics related to media interactivity have been examined under different perspectives, trying to explore the heterogeneity of declinations, which are involved into interactivity and that could be exploited to create value for consumers and for firms as well.

The active role played by consumers (prosumers) and their participation to the media community through the nwe technologies devices available are pivotal to understand the great potentialities of interactivity.

A particular focus was given to the new media and, to be more precise, to social and community based media. Indeed interactivity is the most distinguish characteristic between old media and new media.

Studies presented covered not only the pure academic research but also technical and managerial issues that media firms have to face with.

The main points discussed were relative to:

  • economics and management of media interactivity;
  • interactive advertising;
  • business concepts and models;
  • media interactivity and e-learning;
  • social media and value creation;
  • interactive television;
  • interactive media and intellectual property rights.


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